viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2009

vaL effect

Zim tiene esa hermosa cualidad de demostrarme con detalles la persona especial que se esconde detrás de un lente fotográfico para captar la esencia de la vida de una manera única. Zim tiene esa habilidad asombrosa de hacerme sonreir con esas pequeñas sorpresas que hacen únicos a mis días. Zim tiene esa agradable manera de hacerme ver la vida desde la óptica de sus ojos...

The vaL effect

"I love the result of this shot. As always, I saved it in RAW. I never developed film, but working with a RAW feels like that. When you set every little aspect of light and colour, it's like taking the same shot for a second time. Of course this was edited after being developed.
Usually, I aim for a style, an effect or a message. In this photo, as in many others, I tried to put a little of what I call "the vaL effect". The history goes pretty simple: last year I stumbled upon vaL's photos (note: she hasn't uploaded a lot of her shots here in Flickr!). We started chatting, and she made me watch Amélie (an awesome movie, if you haven't seen it, I strongly suggest you to do so). With those two strong influences (vaL's style, and Amélie's), I came out with a particular processing workflow that has reminiscences of both, and -of course- a bit of mine. And as I get more used to my new equipment, how to deal with the camera and lighting, the process gets even more straightforward.

(so *yes*, I'm happy with this shot, and it goes to vaL, who is a big source of inspiration for me)"

Gracias por bautizar mi pasión hacia las fotografias "retro" con un nombre para mi, gracias por dejarme influenciarte con mi imaginación para lograr ese efecto tan característico de tus fotografías que como vuelvo a repetir: son las mejores. Te quiero mucho Zim!

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